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Start of migration project for BNP Paribas

Start of migration project for BNP Paribas

Intercomputer Global Services has started the migration project for Ukrsibbank, the daughter company of BNP Paribas. The main purpose of the project is the migration of the bank system based on EMC Documentum («Archive of regulatory and reference documents», «Unified archive of theclients-bankinghistory files archive with SAP integration») from version 6.0 EMC Documentum and 5.3 Captiva to version 6.6 and 6.0 accordingly. The utilization of new versions of EMC Documentum and Captiva allows to increase productivity and stability of the systems as well as to comply with the new requirements for high availability andfailure-resistanceof the systems.

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Success: migration to new Documentum version in UkrSibbank BNP Paribas Group

The migration of the information systems of UkrSibbank BNP Paribas Group to the new version of the EMC Documentum platform has been completed successfully.

The following information systems were migrated from version 6.0 to 6.6:

  • Archive of regulatory and reference documents
  • Unified archive of the clients’ banking history files archive with SAP integration
  • Application processing system for branches facilities renovations

The following tasks were performed: transition to Documentum 6.6, transition to the new database server Oracle 11G, introduction of Captiva 6.0/6.5, introduction of the x64 version of Application Server. 22 servers were involved in the migration (content, applications, indexing, databases, Captiva). The migration scenario allowed to perform the migration without interruption of customer service.

As a result, the stability of the system could be increased, the rules of high availability have been confirmed, the productivity was increased by 10 to 350 times (for different operations).

As part of the project, stress tests were performed. The purpose was to find and eliminate the «bottle necks» of the system and to confirm the standards of performance at maximum load (up to 6000 concurrent users with read-write requests).

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Test environment for BNP Paribas is finished

Intercomputer Global Services has finished the deployment of improved test environment for the corporate system on the base of EMC Documentum and Captiva in Ukrsibbank, the daughter company of BNP Paribas.

The new improved environment allows to carry out the test operation of all new components and subsystems without any influence to production systems. The productivity increase of new environment was performed in accordance with support agreement between Intercomputer Global Services and BNP Paribas (Ukrsibbank).

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Document flow project with SAP integration for BNP Paribas was finished

The project «Archive of clients and operations history files» including the integration with SAP for UkrSibBank BNP Paribas Group was successfully finished.

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Pilot project for BNP Paribas is successfully finished

Intercomputer Global Services has successfully finished the pilot project «Archive of clients and operations history files» for UkrSibBank BNP Paribas Group.

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