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One more big bank project on Microsoft SharePoint platform successfully launched

One more big bank project on Microsoft SharePoint platform successfully launched

On the 14th of January 2013 the Company successfully finished the project on development and implementation of intranet corporate portal based on Microsoft SharePoint platform 2010 for ING Bank of Ukraine.

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New system is done for ING bank Eurasia (integration of document archive with bank system)

A new system of integration of document storage archive with internal client bank system was developed for ING Bank Eurasia. The system extracts data entered by a client in the client bank system and generates PDF documents based on the data retrieved. PDF templates have been developed in precise compliance with National bank regulations. Soft Xpansion PDF Render Center is used in order to embed stamps in PDF documents and manage documents’ printing. After document’s processing the system sends results to core banking system. This solution automates clients’ documents processing and reduces required time and costs.

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Intercomputer GS and ING Bank Ukraine: Development of additional watermarks module, empowering confidentiality

Intercomputer Global Services and Ukrainian branch of ING BANK N.v. have signed an agreement for development of a special extension for the «Archive of corporate clients banking history files and operations». This extension is intended for mass processing of documents received from customers, which includes conversion to the unchangeable file format with the insertion of watermark/digital signature. The main purpose of new component is monitoring the storage and distribution of confidential documents and locating possible leaks of confidential information. Solution is developed with the usage of soft Xpansion Render Center. The sign-off of new subsystem and start of commercial operation is scheduled at the beginning of July, 2011.

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Start of commercial operation of Archive system developed for ING Bank Bulgaria

The «Archive of corporate clients-banking history files and operations» system developed and delivered by Intercomputer Global Services for the ING Bank Bulgaria was successfully turned to commercial operation. The usage of the new system in the Bank has already brought the following advantages: reduced risk of errors at the customer’s data input, reduced risks of violation of internal corporate regulation by means of standardization of the processes of storage, management of the client documents including the function of monitoring the document validity terms, decreased time consumed for search and preparation of the documents for internal usage and inspecting bodies.

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Processing documents from electronic channels for ING Bank Ukraine: stage 1 successfully finished

Intercomputer Global Services has successfully completed the introduction of a functional extension for processing customer documents from electronic communication channels for ING Bank Ukraine.

During the project, the following tasks were completed: conversion of all documents into a consistent format, insertion of the specific business content in each document and placement of the converted documents in the Archive of the clients and operations history files.

Adobe PDF is a target format for documents. Xpansion Render Center will perform the conversion of incoming documents in various formats (PDF, TIFF, DOC, XLS etc.) to PDF format.

One of the objectives of the project was the integration of soft Xpansion Render Center, Archive of the clients and operations history files (based on EMC Documentum) and internal information systems of the bank.

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Analytical project for ING Eurasia has started

Intercomputer Global Services and ING Eurasia have started an analytical project for identification of needs and medium-term planning of the development of the corporate information system on the basis of EMC Documentum. During the project the most asked from business users side tasks should be determined and formalized for the further automation. The following documents will be presented as a project deliverables: deployment road-map, brief functional requirements, estimated expenditures and benefits.

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Intercomputer GS and ING bank Romania: EMC Documentum licensing agreement concluded

Intercomputer Global Services as an official EMC IIG partner and Romania branch of ING BANK N.v. have concluded a licensing agreement regarding EMC Documentum — the Industry-leading platform for case management, records management, enterprise capture, customer communications and secure enterprise collaboration solutions. Licensed EMC Documentum software will be used for the roll-out of «Archive of corporate clients banking history files and operations» across Central European branches of ING Bank N.v. , particularly in Slovakia Branch of ING BANK N.V.

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Intercomputer GS and ING bank Czech republic: preparation of the project started

Intercomputer Global Services and Czech branch of ING BANK N.v. agreed the schedule of preparation and starting of commercial operation of «Archive of corporate clients banking history files and operations». This deployment is the part of the system deployment schedule in of region of Central and Eastern Europe and should increase the operation effectiveness of the bank.

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Launch of Signature Viewer Project on the basis of Documentum for ING bank

Intercomputer Global Services successfully finished the tests and started the commercial operation of Signature Viewer a special solution to manage authority person signatures and client stamps documents on the base of EMC Documentum in the ING Bank Ukraine.

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One more document flow project for ING Bank is finished

Intercomputer Global Services has successfully finished the project «Automation of providing regular reporting by customers» for ING Bank Ukraine, which represents ING — one of the 10 largest financial groups in Europe.

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